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For translation, proofreading, editing and copywriting, you won't find a better communication support partner.

For global-focused branding, logo design, and character design, BiFluent has the skills and experience you need.


At BiFluent we've had the opportunity to work with the leaders in the translation field and we are confident that our standard is consistently equal or higher than the best.


For translation as well as copywriting, it's not enough to just study language. Experience in various fields and industries and the ability to deliver the message is what gives our team an edge.


Every member of our team has had to deliver top-quality content while being faced with high-pressure, time-sensitive situations that put their abilities to the test.


Unique situations that require delicate understanding and the ability to be fast on your feet are our specialty.




Patrick has remained extremely professional during his contract with my company. He is knowledgeable in various categories of translation, and is unparalleled especially in legal and contract translations Japanese <-> English.

Patrick is flexible in both hours and speed in which he can accomplish a translation without sacrificing the quality of his work. This is an absolute godsend for the last minute translation rush jobs that crop up. A pleasure to work with, I would recommend Patrick on any team for translation or otherwise.

C.W.様 ナレーター

Patrick is a very creative content creator, and it was a pleasure to work with him on numerous video projects. He's extremely easy to work with, and committed to making a quality product.

F.C.様 プロデューサー

I met Patrick in 2005 during a trip to Tokyo, at that time he was working for FEG Inc (K-1), taking care of publicity. It was a pleasure to work with Patrick at that time because of his (many) talents including creativity, strictness, being able to handle a heavy workload and having real cross-cultural expertise.

D.I.様 国際弁護士


S.Y.様 IT企業 公共政策担当


K.S.様 マーケティング


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